1001 1.0.14

A desktop client for Flickr


  • Notifies you of new Flickr activity
  • Tag images
  • Send to groups


  • Can be a little unstable

Very good

I'm a big fan of Flickr, the online photo sharing website. The only thing that annoys me is having to connect to the site to receive news on activity in my Flickr account.

1001 is a desktop client that lets you not only upload your photos to Flickr but also receive notifications on new photos from your contacts. You can customize your own streams of photos, which shows up as a patchwork of thumbnails in the interface, and refresh it manually. The application also features a pop up menu by which you'll be able to select which stream to follow.

Uploading with 1001 is also very simple. Simply select your photo, type in the title and text, select the privacy level and scaling. From the side of the interface you'll also be able to select tags to associate to your picture and groups to send it to. This last feature I really like because sending pictures to groups one by one on the Flickr site is really a hassle. Luckily 1001 can also batch upload pictures.

1001 can be prone to the odd glitch every now and then, but it remains fairly stable most of the time.

Despite some little glitches, 1001 is a nice tool to follow your Flickr photo streams and upload your pictures to your Flickr account straight from your desktop.

1001 is a desktop client to be used in conjunction with Flickr,
the online photo-sharing website.

1001 not only uploads photos to your Flickr account, it notifies you anytime new photos from either your contacts, everyone, or your favorite tags are uploaded.

1001 allows you to step into the stream of photos passing through Flickr and to quickly see what's new at the moment. Just run the app in the background and if triggered, 1001 pops up a small unobtrusive window to notify you of new photos.

1001 comes with a Flickr screensaver that will incrementally display the latest image from Flickr. You do not need to have 1001 installed to use this screensaver.



1001 1.0.14

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